Dorothy Dietrich becomes the first women in history to catch a bullet in her mouth. The Bullet Catch has killed twelve men and injured many others. Houdini said he would try it after well known magician Chung Ling Soo was killed doing a bullet catch.

Houdini backed out. Houdini received a letter from the then Dean of Magic, Harry Keller requesting that he not do the stunt. Keller warned Houdini that there were too many things that could go wrong. Houdini, it seems, heeded his advice.


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Go to Dietrich's exhibit at The Houdini Magic Hall of Fame in Niagara Falls before it burned down

Go to Dorothy Dietrich's performing and winning first prize at the New York City Book Fair and representing Harper Collins new book by author Kenneth Silverman, "Houdini!!!".

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Go to Dietrich doing the upside down Straight Jacket Escape 150 feet above the earth suspended from a burning rope after being put in by police and security guards. The first and only woman in history to do this stunt.

Go to Dietrich doing the famous jinxed bullet catch stunt at Resorts International, the stunt that has killed twelve men, and injured many others. She is the first and only woman to ever catch a bullet in her mouth. Houdini refused to do this stunt!

Go to Dietrich doing the Jinxed Bullet Catch Stunt for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Go to The Famous Houdini Museum, of which Dorothy Dietrich is a director..

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