Weekly World News The First Lady Of Magic A Female Houdini.

She's the first lady of magic

Weekly World News Female Houdini First Lady Of Magic

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Weekly World News The First Lady Of Magic A Female Houdini

Dorothy Dietrich is America's leading lady of magic. The beautiful blonde looks like Dolly Parton and performs some amazing feats like the legendary Harry Houdini. Dorothy, was the first fe- male magician to duplicate Houdini's incredible escapes - and the first woman to saw a man in half. ''Don't worry," she told game show host Gary Moore, "if the trick doesn't work, I'll send you home in two taxis." She can escape from chains and Shackles and sealed crates. She can escape. a strait jacket while hanging upsidee down, suspended l5 stones in the air on a burning rope. twice For Dorothy, a career in magic was a natural. My brother was an amateur magician and I had SIX brothers . . . who thought it was great fun to tie me up. "I would always escape and they'd get more and more rope. Once they locked me in a closet and used my dad 's handcuffs. I used a hairpin and picked my way out. "Whenever I 'd escape, T'd jump into the air and scream, 'I am Houdini! I am Houdini!'" Now, Dorothy can escape 300 feet of rope as well as from all kinds of locks.

Dorothy Dietrich is a sexy blonde who can duplicate his incredible escapes

"Dorothy does it beautifully and with plenty of sex appeal," says Milbourne Christopher, former president of the Society of American Magicians. "She’s without doubt the foremost female escapologist." The New York-based escape artist is capable of contortions that stun yogis and routinely dislocates her shoulders to get free. She has appeared on so many Tv? shows that more people have seen her perform Houdini's incredible escapes than saw the famed magician. Everything is split second timing," she says. "In one act, I start out in a black dress covered with feathers- I design all my own costumes and equipment - and I'm handcuffed, chained in shackles, placed in a mail sack. The sack is tied and placed in a packing crate. ''Three policemen check to make sure everything is locked and sealed up tight. A drape is

hung over the crate and some one stands on top of that." In three seconds - before the audience can say hocus pocus Dorothy has escaped. "It's incredible," says well- known magician Dick Brookz. Dorothy’s executive director of the Magic Towne House, the countries largest magic con- glomerate Her most amazing feat was escaping from a Strait Jacket while hanging upside down off a parachute ride 15 stories high in a California amusement park. "That was really hairy," she ssid , ''because it was very windy and cold and I was sus- pended on a burning rope. The rope was burning faster than I expected because of the high winds. That was really a close call, but I just made it."
Dorothy Dietrich, top woman magician, looks like Dolly Parton and performs like the legendary Harry Houdini.

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